Loophole In The Female Mind

Are you looking for the famed “loophole in the female mind”? Well then you’ve come to the right place. This tactic is reputed to be able to make any woman fall in love super quickly (in about 15 minutes for the expert). I am going to give you a quick overview of this “female loophole” technique in this short blog post.

The female mind loophole is based on fractionation, an age-old hypnosis and covert persuasion technique which has been used by expert persuaders and influencers

Picture of the female mind loophole

Hack into the female mind by exploiting these loopholes

for years. Using this technique, the seducer makes a woman overrule her own rational judgment (and then let her emotions run wild).

To some people, this might be seen to be exploiting a woman’s vulnerabilities, but it is darn effective – no doubt about that at all.

For a long time, many men have been quietly using this knowledge to “hack” into a woman’s psyche, manipulate her emotions and plant thoughts into her mind. By asking these three female loophole questions, you’ll be able to enter her mind at will.

WARNING: This technique could be dangerous in the hands of those who have evil intentions towards women. DO NOT use it if you want to misuse it in any way.

Loophole In The Female Mind – The Famed “Three Questions Loophole”

  • Loophole #1: The Shortcut.

Most guys would ask for the phone number during the approach. Shortcut the process and ask for the date instead. You see, you should already be building rapport and an emotional connection with a woman when you’re talking to her. When you have already done this, you should ask her out immediately.

“Seduction gurus” will teach you to get a woman’s phone number (or email address) – what a waste of time. Short-circuit her mental barriers and ask her for the date.

Also, getting a woman to agree to a date also signals “high involvement” – a bigger progress than, say, getting the number.

  • Loophole #2: The Intrigue.

Female psychology is wired in a way that women are always intrigued with puzzles. So what happens is that if you are able to keep a woman on her toes (by being mysterious and getting her to always wonder whether you really like her or not), she won’t be able to resist you.

  • Loophole #3: The Emotional Rollercoaster.

Using this tactic, you’ll be able to build deep rapport with any woman – by making her experience an “emotional hell ride“. When you’ve done this properly, it would make any woman think about you all the time. It’s really powerful!

What’s amazing about Fractionation is that it works amazingly quickly (since it exploits the loophole in the female mind) – less than 20 minutes in some cases. Also known as the most effective seduction tactic ever, those who know this technique have been using it to attract beautiful women for years in the underground.

One good resource on this technique is the SeductionIQ – which comes in the form of a video and report –


Watch the video – it will change your whole perspective about dating and seducing women.

But if you’re just starting out, you might not be ready for it, so skip this and go read something more basic.