Do you want to learn how to pick up girls using fractionation? Did you know that this method is completely guaranteed and will give you the power to pick up girls wherever you want to – with practically no chances of getting turned down? Well, it’s true.

Picture of girl undergoing hypnosisNaturally, the only real way to successfully pick up girls would be to create attraction and try to get them to talk to you first. If you are at a bar or a nightclub, this would be especially important since you will have to create a sufficient amount of attraction in a girl first in order for her to give you the feeling that she wants you to approach her.

Once some sort of interest has been created, the next step on learning how to pick up girls using fractionation would entail further amplifying her interest. Once you have done this successfully, she should then feel the need to run after you and eventually comply to all of your requests – be it a kiss or her phone number – believe it.

How to Pick Up Girls Using Fractionation

  • Step Number One: Find out what her type is.

One reason why so many guys fail while trying to learn how to pick up girls using fractionation is because they don’t try to figure out what each girl’s type first. Because of this, they end up approaching girls all in the same way. What you need to know is that different girls tend to react differently to different approaches. This means that some girls may be good natured when you approach them, while others will take you dead seriously right from the start. Because of this, you need to start approaching girls based on their current mood and their personalities.

  • Step Number Two: Get her interested.

The next step in learning how to pick up girls using fractionation would simply be to get her to want to get to know you more. The secret here would be to seem mysterious.

girlfriend picture

With the right techniques, you will be able to put a girl like this under your spell!

Remember: girls like guys who aren’t easily available and aren’t easy to figure out. So, if you make her work for your attention instead of appearing desperate and needy, you are sure to make an impression on her in no time.

  • Step Number Three: Generate some attraction.

This would be the ultimate step to learning how to pick up girls using fractionation. Fractionation basically refers to a seduction technique wherein guys use special tricks to send girls through roller coasters of emotions with their words.

Although still unknown to most of the people out there, fractionation already has the reputation of being extremely effective at getting girls to become sexually attracted to the guys using it. In fact, guys who use this technique are known to have the power to pick up women anywhere with ease. This is why this technique is sometimes also called the ‘dark art’ hypnosis technique – because it is both controversial yet incredibly effective in the world of seduction at the same time.

How to Use Female Psychology Tricks to Pick Up Girls

Practically every guy in today’s day and age wants to learn how to use female psychology tricks to pick up girls. In a nutshell, they want to learn how to make a good impression on girls, so that they think about them constantly. However, many guys have trouble doing this and end up blaming their failure on their looks, their lack of money or even on the girls themselves. The truth is, though, that with the right female psychology tricks to pick up girls, you can actually get girls to run after you in no time.

  • Psychology Trick Number One: Pay more attention to her friends.

Once you have started talking to the girl that you like and she seems interested in what you have to say, start paying more attention to her friends. This will make her jealous Tricks of women psychologyand make her wonder why you got bored talking to her all of a sudden. Soon after that, she will crave your attention and try to win you back from her girlfriends.

  • Psychology Trick Number Two: Point out something curious about her.

Ideally, you should focus on something interesting or weird about her, but not actually mention what it is. These female psychology tricks to pick up girls work all the time and make girls crazy because they love challenges by nature. So, by talking about something anonymous about her, her curiosity levels will raise through the roof and make her feel like you are hiding some huge secret. Being a girl, she will then be tempted to get to know you better in order to probe your brain a little further.

  • Psychology Trick Number Three: Do not put yourself down.

If you focus too much on learning female psychology tricks to pick up girls, you will probably never win over your dream girl. So, instead, try to forget about how much you like her and just enjoy her company for now. If possible, talk to other girls more; this will actually make you look more attractive in her eyes – believe it.

  • Psychology Trick Number Four: Kill her ego.

Girls are used to getting all of the attention from guys, so you have to get rid of their egotistical streak by spending more time with her friends and ignoring her completely whenever you are in a huge group together. This will make her jealous and make her vie for your attention all the more. Remember: rarity is valuable to girls. So, if you make yourself unavailable to her, you will, in turn, automatically become more valuable in her eyes.

  • Psychology Trick Number Five: Use subtle techniques.

By using subtle female psychology tricks to pick up girls, such as fractionation, you can actually get the power to make any girl of your choice fall helplessly in love with you – and in less than 15 minutes, to boot. This trick uses conversation techniques to engage a girl’s emotions, make her dependent on you and make her do anything that you want her to. Try it!