Fractionation Seduction

How To Use The Biggest Covert Persuasion Technique To Attract Women

This blog post is about this somewhat mysterious technique called Fractionation. It was invented by the Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) guru John Grinder and expanded into what it is today by Derek Rake. What’s interesting about this technique is that it was said to be the “hidden pattern” that masters use in order to boost their seduction abilities.

A few of these “forbidden patterns” such as the October Man Sequence (Google it) and the Death Pattern are based on fractionation. Derek Rake himself experimented and created a specialized version known as the Fractionation Formula.

Fractionation is a subset of the bigger group of persuasion and hypnosis techniques, and has similar structure with common NLP tactics. First spread by gurus in the seduction underground, the tactic created a stir when first exposed to the outside world (primarily through Neil Strauss and his New York Times bestseller, The Game). Since then, there has been a mad scramble to find out what this technique is all about.

The legend has it that a master practitioner of this technique would be able to seduce any woman super quickly – sometimes in the manner of 15 minutes or even less. This is astoundingly powerful, and when compared to other seduction methods which would take many months to work, this is a major breakthrough in seduction knowledge.

The Controversy: Why Fractionation Was A “Banned” Pattern

A few years back, the usage of fractionation was limited and well guarded – simply because it was seen as a technique which could “harm” women (emotionally at least). Now that the knowledge is public, there exists a danger where this technique could potentially be misused by irresponsible people. That’s why the definitive resource on the technique, the Fractionation Formula, is limited in circulation.

If you’re a woman and you’re here because you’re wondering why you seemed to have fallen head over heels in love with a man (despite only knowing him for a short time), it could be that you have been “Fractionation-ized”. See this email screen capture below (taken from –

Fractionation Seduction technique

Emails like this made Derek Rake restrict the availability of the Formula!

How You Can (Best) Use Fractionation To Seduce Women (Effortlessly!)

In summary, Fractionation Seduction is the usage of psychology and persuasion techniques in rapport building with women. What makes it different from other types of seduction techniques is that fractionation works in a more “covert” way – it uses subconscious signals that “hacks” into a woman’s mind and places attraction “triggers” inside her.

Imagine meeting a girl that you instantly get attracted to – you know, the one with big, brown eyes, cute face and an hourglass figure. Usually she might seem out of your league, but with fractionation seduction you’ll have a shot.

You’ll get closer to her, maintain a steady eye contact, and then ask her the time (in a deep voice). Your words are hypnotic, and your body language is attractive. You then deliver fractionation seduction lines… and you see her warming up to you, laughing with you and eventually ask YOU for your phone number.

The tactic is simply powerful once you see how it works by exploiting the psychology of girls. Enter your email in the next page in order to find out a simple way to use this technique:-

example of fractionation seduction technique

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