Psychology of Girls

If you’re wondering if you can somewhat use the theories of psychology of girls in dating and seduction then you’re at the right place. Indeed, this area of seduction is often overlooked simply because of one reason – it is controversial. Indeed, you might feel a little uncomfortable with what I am going to share with you next.

These tactics that I am going to share with you next might be unconventional, but they all work like a charm. Needless to say, they are miles ahead of the cookie cutter dating advice that you get from dating guru wannabes. Also, boring, technical description of articles about feminine psychology at Psychology Today magazine also does not help.

With these three dating tactics (100% based on psychology of girls) you’ll be miles ahead from the other guys who are competing for the same women (but sadly, they don’t have access to this knowledge as you do). Call these loopholes in female psychology if you will, but if you don’t exploit them for your own benefit then you are losing out. Continue reading to discover how you can achieve massive success with women just by using these three tricks…

Psychology of Girls – The Three (3) Tricks Of The Expert Seducer

  1. Use reverse psychology. Conventional dating wisdom says that you must always agree with the woman you want to seduce – so that she finds you agreeable. That’s bullshit. You must confront women whenever the opportunity presents itself! Weird it may seems, but a certain loophole in female psychology forces women to find men who disagree with them… attractive. Disagreements tend to provide stimulation to a woman… which may in turn result in sexual stimulation. Don’t overdo this, or you’ll just end up seen as a jerk.
  2. Play mind games. I won’t mince my words here – the simplest (but most effective) way to stimulate a woman is to mess with her mind. This might sound underhanded to you, but if you dare to do it then you’ll find it so much easier to seduce a woman. Google this technique called “Fractionation” and read all about it – trust me on this. To save you the trouble, here’s a link to a video which describes this technique in full. Thank me later!
  3. Use non-verbal ques. Experts say that up to 90% of communication is non-verbal. We tend to agree. Having an attractive body language is a definitive advantage when it comes to dating and seducing women. A combination of sexy body language and covert psychology would prove to be irresistible even to the most hard-to-seduce woman out there today.

With these tactics you’ll have the edge when it comes to tapping into any girl’s psychology and making her swoon into your arms. The above is only the tip of the iceberg however; if Picture of psychology of girlsyou’re serious about learning how to exploit the psychology of girls to seduce them then you should download the SeductionIQ video –

It’s still the most complete guide on Fractionation ever compiled at a single place. If you decide to use it, do it responsibly or you’ll end up harming the women that you want to seduce. Female psychology is definitely not child’s play!